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“Things don’t always come out the way you expect them. A lifetime of weak teeth left me with frequent trips to the dentist. After I was disabled, I had no idea how I was going to be able to manage dental bills. Centre Volunteers in Medicine was able to help me. Their dental clinic has good equipment, materials, and supplies, AND a fantastic staff of professional, caring people. What a godsend.


How does this work? Donors. Equipment, materials, and supplies are all because of generous donors. Monies are donated to keep things running smoothly. I want to say thank you to these donors and the wonderful volunteers and staff. Please keep this important mission working.”


Catherine, CVIM Dental Patient


“ I want to express my thanks to all those who are involved with Centre Volunteers in Medicine. I moved to State College nearly five years ago when it became necessary to give up my big house in Waynesboro, PA . I had lived there for more than 30 years, but I could no longer pay the bills to maintain the house. I cared for my husband during a long terminal illness, so I hardly paid attention in 2008 when we went into a recession.


After my husband died, I realized to my horror that our savings had been wiped out. I had spent almost all of any insurance money to care for him. By the time I moved to State College, I had no income except Social Security AND no dental insurance.


I began having trouble with an abscessed tooth and by chance happened to be in the RSVP Office on Aging where I heard about CVIM. My heart sank when I went to the office on Green Tech. I was embarrassed to have to apply for help. Lo and behold—I was met by a smiling welcome! From the time of my first appointment I have received nothing but kindness and helpfulness. It came from those at the front desk, those who schedule appointments, those who handle prescriptions, nurses, and dental assistants. My special thanks go to the dentists. Without their cheerful help I would be unable to continue to enjoy life in State College.


I have many reasons to be grateful to those who support CVIM. I suppose there are other counties who offer this service, but I’m convinced there are no others as special as what we have in Centre County!”

Mavis, CVIM Patient

Centre Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM), located in State College, PA, provides medical and dental care, case management and necessary medications at no cost to qualified uninsured and under-insured individuals working or living in Centre County.  Physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, social workers and other licensed clinicians volunteer their time to provide care to our patients.  For additional information about CVIM, visit www.cvim.net.