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The American Acadamy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Foundation launched its Family Medicine Cares USA grant program to assist in the caring for uninsured individuals.  Grants are awarded for the purchase of tangible items, such as exam tables, EMRs and medical equipment.  The program provides grant to new clinics that are nearing completion of the Volunteers in Medicine Model, as well as existing clinics that serve the uninsured in their communities.  Applicants must have an AAFP member in a leadership role or volunteering in the clinic.

The Family Medicine Cares USA program also provides an opportunity for members, residents and students to volunteer their time and expertise.  According to recently released data, 165 AAFP members are currently affiliated as board members, staff or volunteers in Volunteers in Medicine clinics across the country.

As of December 2016, the Foundation awarded 30 Family Medicine Cares USA awards totaling $340,829.  Sixteen of these grants were awarded to Volunteers in Medicine clinics.  Since the program’s inception, clinics report over 126,000 patient visits.


 Family Medicine Cares USA Grant Program


The deadline for the next Family Medicine Cares USA funding cycle is September 15, 2017.  For additional information about the Family Medicine Cares USA grant program, visit Eligibility and Application.


Family Medicine Cares USA Grant Program