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I have been without insurance for 3-years as a result of my divorce and I am unable to afford Obama Care.  How quickly health can degrade in the thrives of depression and crisis such as divorce.  I neglected my health and my teeth.  I felt like a car that had been parked under a sappy tree for years.  My self-esteem, my mental health, even my spirituality seemed affected by this neglect.

When I moved to Central Pennsylvania with my children, ages 7 and 9, I heard about Centre Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) from a girlfriend of mine.  She was very enthusiastic, so I thought I would try.

Upon being accepted, I cry each time I come here…tears of JOY!

Every person has shown me compassion.  There has been absolutely no judgement as I shared my vulnerability and a body that has been though divorce, depression, anxiety, pour decision making, and relocation.  Finally, redemption and transformation!!

I have been able to transform my inner self because I am loved and cared for by those at CVIM.  I am able to transfer my energies to my children and my community.  Each day I consider how I will pay it forward – I love you.

Centre VIMWith infinite gratitude,

Patient, Centre VIM, State College, PA

Centre VIM in State College, PA,  is a member of the VIM Alliance, a network of clinics developed with assistance from the national Volunteers in Medicine office that care for the uninsured within a caring supportive environment.