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Cuba is a country unlike any in the world. Despite a shortage of material goods and lack of economic wealth, Cuba is renowned for the success of its public health system. It has long had a nearly identical life expectancy rate to the United States, and its infant and child mortality rates are among the lowest in the world. Health care on the island nation is a fundamental human right, protected under the constitution.

Today we invite physicians, nurses, staff, supporters, friends, and families to join us on an all-inclusive weeklong tour of this distinctive country. We’ve designed a special, customized trip that will allow you to examine the public health system, history, and culture of Cuba in a way few have before.

Our tour will take us from Havana to Cienfuegos to Trinidad, where we will meet with experts on public health, primary care physicians, and distinguished professors of medicine and sociology. We will visit museums with renowned curators and art historians, and enjoy music at private concerts with Cuba’s foremost jazz and trova artists. We will attend exclusive performances at the country’s famed ballet and flamenco studios, hear the stories of Afro-Cuban activists, visit the private studios of celebrated artists, and drink and dine at the new paladars (private restaurants), recently introduced as part of Raul Castro’s economic reforms.

Your journey will be arranged and hosted by Charles Bittner, an expert on travel to Cuba and a professor of sociology at Manhattan College in NYC. Charles has arranged 16 prior themed trips to Cuba for various organizations, including The Nation, The New Republic, The Authors Guild, and even Acoustic Guitar magazine. His areas of expertise include US – Cuba relations, public health, history, and culture.

A portion of proceeds will defer costs for the Volunteers in Medicine National Conference.  The Volunteers in Medicine Alliance is a national network of 88 free clinics that provide health care services to the uninsured and underserved.  Clinics in this alliance were developed with assistance from the Volunteers in Medicine national office following a proven model.  They are bound by a common commitment to health care access for all and a core belief that how people are treated during a clinic visit is as important as the actual medical care they receive.  The national conference offers a valuable opportunity for clinic representatives to gather and share best practices.

The all-inclusive cost of this December 8 – 15, 2017 weeklong tour, is $4485 / $4995 per person (double/single occupancy) and includes five nights at the four-star NH Capri Hotel de Habana, two evenings at a private guesthouse in Trinidad, round trip air from Florida to Havana, all ground transportation within Cuba, guided tours, seminars, lectures, entrance to Cuba’s preeminent museums and attractions, several private music concerts and dance performances, almost all your meals, including libations, and other captivating activities and events.  For details, see the travel itinerary.

For further information or to register, contact Charles Bittner at

For questions, call Charles at 617-833-1435 or visit Intercultural Travel Group.

Travel to Cuba is authorized under a general people-to-people license and complies with all current
US Treasury Department regulations.
A portion of the proceeds, approximately $500 per traveler, will help us defer costs for our
Volunteers in Medicine National Conference. Check with your accountant about your potential tax savings.