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Patient story from the Volunteers in Medicine Free Clinics of South Jersey

Edouard is a native of Haiti; he was visiting a relative here when the earthquake struck in 2010. His village was destroyed. Edouard’s relative knew of Volunteers in Medicine of South Jersey and so Edouard became a patient. He is gentle, soft- spoken and timid.  We followed him for a number of years but then, for some reason, he stopped coming.

He recently came back to the clinic, complaining of a headache. The VIM volunteer provider recommended a CT scan. Edouard put this off for a couple of weeks. We kept reminding him and finally he went. We got an urgent call from the radiologist: it appeared that Edouard had bleeding within his brain-a very large bleed.

He was airlifted to AtlantiCare where surgery was performed.  In fact, he had a very large abscess within his brain which was removed. We continue to follow him. He sees his VIM doctor monthly, and has also been cared for by Dr. Middleton, our infectious disease specialist, and the County Health Department. Edouard is still stranded here, but he is back at work and leads a productive life. He stops in sometimes just to talk to the volunteers.

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