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Clinic by the Bay, a VIM Alliance clinic in San Francisco, CA, is blessed to have a strong cadre of volunteers that help provide quality, compassionate health care.  Nearly 125 doctors, nurses, interpreters, and office support volunteers give their time and expertise.  Meet four volunteers who have gone “above and beyond” to make a difference for the patients at Clinic by the Bay.

Eric Wen Van: Eric is a volunteer Health Coach. On a weekly basis, he provides individual support to patients with chronic conditions, ensuring they understand their diagnoses, medication schedules, and more.  If a patient needs help with a difficult social service agency, or needs home support, Eric helps ensure they get it.  Thanks to his work, Clinic by the Bay was recently awarded first time support to expand this empowering project.

Clinic by the BayDoctor Franz: Dr. Franz is board certified as an Internal Medicine specialist. He has a long history of service to the community as part of the St Luke’s Hospital medical community. Dr. Franz is recently retired from his private medical practice. He is comfortable caring for a wide range of medical problems and has expertise in caring for patients with complex medical histories.

Clinic by the BayGreg Jacobs: Greg has been volunteering at the clinic for four years.  He started as an eligibility screener and then became a Spanish interpreter.  He has a professional demeanor, but also connects with our patients in a very compassionate way.  When asked to do extra projects Greg does not hesitate to say YES!  He is also friendly with the other volunteers, which adds to the volunteer camaraderie.

Shelia Lastie: Shelia is a volunteer mental health counselor.  Mental health support is one of the clinic’s biggest needs and one of the most difficult to secure pro bono work for.  Since joining the volunteer team last year, Shelia has provided critical mental health support for clinic patients.  The importance of this support cannot be emphasized enough and you see the difference in the patients who receive it.  Thanks to her work, the clinic will receive support from Kaiser to expand their work in this area.

For additional information about the clinic, visit Clinic by the Bay.  Interested in becoming a volunteer at your local Volunteers in Medicine clinic?  Visit the VIM Clinic Directory to find the clinic nearest to you.