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Physician “Champion”

Physician “Champion”

After hearing an inspirational talk by Dr. Jack McConnell, founder of Volunteers in Medicine, Dr. Haddawi became intrigued with the idea of a VIM clinic serving Monroe County, Indiana.


As he puts it, the national VIM office was like an “older brother to us.  Everything we needed they were able to provide. We received books, manuals, and a step-by-step planning process for our community.  Throughout the entire planning process, VIM consultant, Marjorie Hamrell, was instrumental in assisting Dr. Haddawi’s efforts.  “VIM does not use a prospective one-size-fits-all approach; they provided support, guidance, suggestions, and connections to resources.”


Learn how the VIM national office assisted Dr. Haddawi in developing Volunteers in Medicine of Monroe County, in Bloomington, Indiana.


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November 13, 2012