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When Justin first came to the Viola Startzman Free Clinic, a VIM clinic in Wooster, Ohio, he was 26 years old and weighed 300 pounds.  He was pre-diabetic with high blood pressure.  His hypertension was treated, and the medical staff spent time educating him about the relationship between obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

He also expressed interest in enrolling in the clinic’s Leading Healthy Lives Program, designed to help people learn healthier eating and exercise habits.  As a result of his participation in this program, he is no longer pre-diabetic and his blood pressure is normal for the first time in his life.  Justin recently finished third in his age group in the Wooster Wellness 5k run, where he represented the clinic.

The Viola Startzman Free Clinic, like other clinics in the VIM Alliance, help patients learn self-management skills for chronic illnesses, and in doing so, prevent serious complications from damaging the long-term health of the individual.  VIM clinics also offer health promotion programs to individuals and families that prevent the development of chronic illnesses.  The old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is alive and well in VIM clinics.


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November 12, 2012