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by Karen Shimada

Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) clinic in Clackamas County, Oregon opened its doors in 2012 utilizing paper charts. Within a year, we made the decision to move to an electronic health record system. Our initial medical providers were primarily retired physicians, many of whom left practice just as electronic health records were being fully adopted and were resistant to CVIM’s decision to go electronic.

To address the fears and anxieties of the retired providers in using an electronic format, and to increase overall efficiency and patient flow at the clinic, CVIM created and piloted a SCRIBE program, utilizing (primarily) pre-med and nursing students as scribes. A Stanford University intern developed the SCRIBE Training Program, which is now fully established at the clinic.

Our SCRIBE program is responsible for enhancing the quality of patient care and the patient experience (providers love dealing with their patients, not the computer); increasing efficiency and accuracy in charting resulting in smoother patient flow (e-prescribing is streamlined); and creating a dynamic inter-generational mentorship relationship where both students and providers learn from each other.

Want to learn more about how to create a SCRIBE program at your VIM clinic, regardless of what electronic health record (EHR) system you use and some of the ‘best practices’ CVIM has learned over the last four years? Members of the Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine clinic will present their SCRIBE program during the VIM Talks scheduled on January 11th at 1:00 pm (Eastern Time).  VIM Talks are open to members of the VIM Alliance.

Karen Shimada was the executive director at Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine. She has recently transitioned to a new role as the executive director of the Oregon Oral Health Coalition.