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2018 VIM National Conference Presentations

National Survey of Free and Charitable Clinics and VIM Data

Free Clinics FTCA Program Deeming Application Best Practices

Building a Leadership Succession System for Your Board

Granting the Grantor’s Wishes!

Two Clinics Attach: Reversing Chronic Health Conditions
– LEAD JumpStart

Providing Access to the Uninsured – The MAVEN Project

Facebook for Free Clinics: Tips to Maximize Your VIM Clinic Content and Outreach

To EMR, or to Not EMR, That is the Question…

Creating a Culture of Caring for Diverse Populations
Meyer DEI Spectrum Tool 2017
Some Elements of Culture
– “Best Practices” Creating a Culture of Caring VIM Panel 2018 (suggestions for working with Limited English Proficient clients and interpreters)
5 Stages of Second Language Acquisition (concrete details of language development at each stage)
– Quick Checklist for Plain Language (check that materials are written & formatted in ways that help readers understand key messages)
– The Health Literacy Style Manual (strategies for writing and formatting specifically for clients whom have limited (health) literacy skills)
The Original Australian Test of Intelligence (test and answers)

Integrating Oral Health into Your VIM Clinic
Oregon Oral Health Internal Resource List
Oregon Oral Health External Resources List
Integrating Oral Health with Primary Care – Graphic

Changing the World – One Volunteer at a Time

Fund Development from the Inside Out

Risk Management

ECHO: A Revoluntionary Model for Expanding Access to Specialized Care in Underserved Settings
Americares video

Case Management-The Hidden Gem to Comprehensive Care

VIM Clinic Funding as a Community Investment

Managing Chronic Pain  and VIM Berkshires Approach to Pain

Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Images from the Conference

Scott Hauge, VIM National Board Vice Chairman, and Hillary Glenn, Point Washington Medical Clinic, Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

Creating a Culture of Caring for Diverse Popluations: Kat Mastrangelo, ED, VIM of the Cascades; Sasha Bianchi, ED, VIM National Office, Amanda Wheeler-Kay, Interpreter, Clackamas VIM; and DeLeesa Feashintubby, ED, VIM Springfield

Marc Freedman, President and CEO, Encore.org

Kate Mastrangelo, ED, VIM of the Cascades and Brenda Hiatt, President, BOD, Free Clinic of the Meridian


Integrating Oral Health info Your VIM Clinic: Karen Shimada, ED, Oregon Oral Health Coalition; Audrey Joiner, ED, Space Coast VIM; Irene Theriault, Dental Director, Space Coast VIM; and Nancy Richman, ED, VIM Clinic of Monroe County

VIM of Monroe County: Vic Malinovsky; Nancy Richman; Shelley Sallee; and Barbara Walker, VIM National Board Member

Welcome to the VIM National Conference

Direct Relief

Meagan Williams, Dispensary of Hope

VIM’s new logo

Jamie Mercurio, athenahealth