Clinic by the Bay

In 1999, Clinic by the Bay co-founder and VIM Vice Chair Scott Hauge had the dream to open a VIM clinic in San Francisco, California, after he learned about the model on a television show and met Dr. Jack McConnell.  Scott is a busy, self-employed SF businessman, who is well known within the SF community.


Scott had all the important characteristics of a “champion” – someone who could successfully lead a clinic development effort to completion – he has connections to key community constituencies, altruistic motivation, the ability to use consultation from a VIM consultant, and a successful track record of leading and completing other community projects.


What Scott did not have was sufficient time to undertake the clinic development process.  So he recruited co-founder and civic leader Janet Reilly, who learned about the VIM model from Scott and together, with ongoing assistance from the VIM national office, they made the commitment to launch Clinic by the Bay.  Janet and Scott held regular phone meetings with the VIM consultant, who made recommendations about the composition of the Organizing Committee, as well as characteristics of potential committee members.  It is essential that all members are passionate about creating a source of primary care for the uninsured, and able to work effectively in a group.  It is also necessary to involve key medical providers and inform appropriate town/city/county officials.


Scott and Janet convened an Organizing Committee in early 2008 that evolved into Clinic by the Bay’s Board of Directors.  Once the committee was formed, efforts shifted to completing a Feasibility Study/Needs Assessment.  They secured the clinic’s first grant for start-up funding from the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and hired project manager, Eliza Gibson, who later became the clinic’s Executive Director.


Scott Hauge, Dr. Charles Wilson, Dr. Jack McConnell, and Janet Reilly

Amid a recession and recovering economy, they rallied the financial and in-kind resources with broad community support to make Clinic by the Bay a reality.  Clinic by the Bay began providing free health care to working uninsured adults in San Francisco and San Mateo counties on September 30, 2010.  The clinic’s grand opening took place with founder Jack McConnell attending to help Janet and Scott cut the ribbon – 11 years after Scott’s first introduction to VIM.

For more information, visit Clinic by the Bay.