Physicians and Medical Volunteers

Retired Physicians - BrunswickRetired and practicing physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, dentists and other medical professionals are the primary providers of care at Volunteers in Medicine clinics.

Working within VIM’s “Culture of Caring,” medical volunteers often feel they get more out of their volunteer experience than they give.

Here’s why:

  • VIM clinics provide a patient-focused environment which treats every person with dignity and respect.
  • VIM patients have had little or no access to health care. They need care and they show their appreciation to those who volunteer to provide it.
  • Each volunteer’s time commitment is up to the them. It is recommended that volunteers commit a minimum of a half-day per week.  Some retirees actually choose to provide care on a daily basis, while practicing physicians volunteer as much time as their schedules permit.
  • An esprit de corps among providers makes volunteering fun and supportive.
  • Continuing education is required for all professionals who choose to volunteer in our clinics.

Each VIM clinic recruits, trains and manages their own volunteer staff of providers. The volunteer coordinator is responsible for scheduling and orienting the volunteer staff of health care providers.  And the medical director is responsible for the overall quality of care provided in the clinic.  Contact the Volunteers in Medicine clinic near you to learn about volunteers opportunities.

The Medical Advisory Committee of the Board develops policies and procedures for:

  •  Licensing and credentialing volunteer medical professionals
  •  Obtaining medical liability insurance coverage for the clinic, volunteers and staff
  •  Quality assurance and risk management planning
  •  Confidentiality policies and HIPAA requirements; medical records systems; scope of clinical services
  •  Advice about construction plans, pharmacy, diagnostics and lab options

“Hearts are clearly in the right place here.  Only one thing drives us and that is service to people who genuinely need and appreciate the care that we render.”

Dr. John Schmidt, Volunteer Physician
Parker Family Health Center