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Insulin is an essential part of treatment for people living with diabetes, but these medications are often difficult for patients to afford.  Free clinics have long been challenged to find no or low-cost insulin for their patients, presenting a significant obstacle to care. A new program launched this summer by Lilly offers hope.

The “Lilly Diabetes Solution Center” is designed to assist people who need help paying for their insulin.  The helpline offers a variety of options for diabetes patients including point-of-sale savings, counsel on accessing insulin through free clinics, and support for immediate needs.

In partnership with Americares, Direct Relief, and Dispensary for Hope, Lilly will supply insulin to nearly 150 free clinics across the United States.  Several Volunteers in Medicine clinics have been chosen as part of a select group of pilot sites for this program.  “We are pleased to be participating with Direct Relief and Americares to be able to supply our uninsured patients with much needed medication and help them manage their chronic disease states, lowering the incidence of Emergency Room visits and improving healthcare at the local level in our community,” said Alex Winn, Pharmacy Director at VIM of the Cascades.

For additional information about the program, visit Diabetes Solution Center.