Ms. Velma was accepted into the Mercy Medical Clinic last year as an uncontrolled diabetic.  Her first appointment revealed a nasty, open sore on the bottom of her foot, a mouth full of painfully infected teeth, and an immediate need for a heart valve replacement.

Ms. Velma was approved for her heart procedure under hospital indigent care funds, but the cardiologist said he would not touch her until her blood sugar was under control, which was impossible without healing the sore on her foot and extracting the infected teeth.  The Mercy Ministries worked with local partners to get a pair of special shoes made for Velma to help her foot heal and she was the first patient to see a volunteer dentist in the new Mercy Dental Clinic this January.

After those interventions and the proper medication, Velma had her A1C under control and the cardiologist scheduled her heart surgery.  However, she was nervous about having her chest cracked open because she had no one that could help take care of her during the recovery period.  She was fortunate to have one of the best cardiologists in the state perform her surgery.  He was able to perform the valve replacement with a catheter instead of opening up her chest, significantly decreasing the recovery time.

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