Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) clinics across the country continue to serve their communities and patients in need as ever-greater numbers of our fellow citizens struggle with health care costs.  The VIM national office is working in communities coast to coast to bring more VIM practices into existence, and we continue to look for ways we can help strengthen those clinics currently operating within the VIM Alliance.

Beyond our core responsibilities to open new clinics, implement strategic initiatives to strengthen existing clinics, and promote broader awareness of the VIM vision and brand, the national office is also looking to better secure its own future.  This calendar year will bring some dramatic changes to the national VIM organization.  Most significant will be a relocation of our offices from Burlington, Vermont to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  This move will place the national office closer to many of our existing VIM clinics, which can be used to showcase VIM accomplishments to potential donors, partners, and members of the media.  It will also place the national office in proximity to its original home and help it to better communicate the VIM origin story to third parties.

The national office is also committed to establishing a stronger financial foundation to support its activities.  To accomplish this initiative, we will be employing one or more individuals with a strong fundraising background and track record.  Our goal is to develop an ever-broader base of donors to support our activities and promote our work.  The move to Hilton Head and the addition of fundraising competencies to the national office will result in significant staff changes in the remaining months of this year.  We will inform the VIM community of these changes as they occur and share more about new employees.

For these and other reasons, 2019 will be a year of marked significance for the overall VIM enterprise.  The national VIM board believes the transitions in the months ahead will power a stronger, more resilient, and more effective organization to carry forth VIM’s vision, mission, and values into a turbulent future. Thank you to everyone for their support and tolerance as we embark on this next step of evolution in our organization.