Christine Holman, Clinic Volunteer

When I retired from teaching in 2004, I knew that at some point I would want to volunteer somewhere, but I just wasn’t sure where that would be.  Then I heard about this community health clinic that was moving from being a dream in the minds and hearts of Jean Purvis and her team to becoming a reality for Butler County. This would be a place where local residents who had no health insurance could come to receive primary health care—FREE!—instead of having to rely on the emergency room when their situation was desperate. How could I not want to be involved in something like that?  So when volunteers were being recruited prior to the clinic’s opening in January of 2008, my neighbor and I showed up at 103 Bonnie Drive to see how and where we might fit into this new service being offered in our community.  I have been a volunteer here ever since! (with a brief hiatus for knee replacement surgery in 2010)

I have been a front desk volunteer from the beginning—making, confirming, and cancelling appointments; answering questions, greeting patients and visitors; assembling new patient charts; working on special projects or whatever else Julie needs me to do—although my role has evolved through the years.  I have always enjoyed my hours here (even during the transition to the new patient records system Athena!); not only because it’s personally rewarding to be part of an organization that serves its neighbors with great care and compassion, but also because working with the staff and other volunteers at the Jean B. Purvis Community Health Center is such fun!  You will not find a more dedicated and caring group of people anywhere.

When I reflect on how our services have expanded over the years—from primary health care and prescriptions for the uninsured, to dental care for our patients (as well as for local veterans), plus diabetic care and education—I am proud to be part of an organization that offers this range of support to the Butler community.

The Jean B. Purvis Community Health Center of Butler County, a VIM Alliance clinic, located in Butler, Pennsylvania.